I will make the process as easy as possible for you

My aim is to help make the design and implementation process as easy as possible for you. I will use the following process to design a website that will meet all your needs to get your business on the internet.

Give me a call and to start this process now.

This is the process I will follow:

1. Meeting between you and me.

First we will meet and talk about what you want to get out of the website. At this stage there is no commitment to buy. We will come up with some goals, some basic design characteristics and I will gather some basic information.

2. Web development proposal

I will then create a web development proposal for you. This will provide all the information necessary for you to make an informed decision.

3. Information gathering

After you decide to go further, I will gather all the information necessary to create the ideal website. You will be the main source for business based information and photos.

4. Site development and testing.

This is where I will develop the website and test it. When it is ready, I will upload it to a testing site and you will have a chance to ensure it meets expectations.

5. Deploying the website

This is when the website "goes live" and the important steps begin. Promotion of the website is important, especially when the information is fresh. We will need to get this website on to sites like facebook, mytradesmen and hotfrog.

6. Continued Maintenance

One of the most important tasks when a website is live, is to ensure the content is regularly checked for relevance and freshness. Stale or incorrect information can be devastating for a websites creditability.